Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Boston in the Fall

I am now back in Hawaii after 8 wonderful days in Massachusetts and a 13 hour traveling day with a 5 month old (not much fun, but worth the 8 wonderful days I did get!). Jesse and I had such a great time visiting our old stomping grounds. The only disappointment was the "fall" was about 70 to 75 degrees. I was hoping for some colder weather! I know, you can call me crazy if you would like. We got to do all the New England things we were hoping for-apple picking, a picnic in Maine, fish and chips, warm clam chowder, see some leaves changing, a jog in cold morning weather, pinachle, and rejuvenating with dear friends. I felt like I was "home" and never left. I can't believe it has been almost a year! Everyone was so sad Joel was unable to go, but he did great with the kids in my absence. I caught a cold at the end of my trip and am now sniffling, jetlagged with a 5 month old getting up at 2am ready to go, 2 kids fighting for my attention (plus a husband), and an empty fridge. As I said before, it was all worth it! New England is home to us, but it feels good to come home to my family...wherever they are is my true home, even if the land feels foreign. God has a plan and I will serve where He has placed us, continue to be thankful for the blessings we had and still have in New England and Hawaii, and look foward to many more.

Jesse and I enjoying mums and pumpkins.

The girls getting ready for apple picking: Wendy, Me, Morgan, and Sandra.

Nubble lighthouse in York, ME - my favorite place on earth! We had a lovely picnic here. If Jesse wasn't with me, I would have sat here with a good book all day.

OK girls, don't kill me because I posted this picture! I just have to point out one of the reasons for my trip - there aren't many people in life who we can truely be ourselves with. It is such a beautiful gift.

one last question...what do you call the things we are wearing on our heads???
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  1. I love the pictures!! I'm so glad you had a fabulous time away :)

  2. mary- it looks like you had a GREAT time. that was awesome you got to go. i can remember you talking about wanting to go back in the fall. hope jesse adjusts back quickly.

  3. SKULL CAPS!!!!!!!!! I don't wear a sled on my head.

  4. That last picture will ALWAYS make me laugh!! Thanks for the laughter and fun memories!! I hope the adjustment back goes quickly!

  5. Thanks for one of the greatest surpises in my life. I still can't believe your came to see us! What a blessing and man, did it feel so good TO LAUGH TOGETHER AGAIN!!!!