Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cereal and Sweet Potatoes

Jesse started rice cereal last week in attempt to get him to sleep through the night (he still wakes up once at 4am). It has been quite an adventure. Before I explain that statement, you have to know that Jesse (my "purist") absolutely refuses a bottle or binkie. Yes, we have tried every different bottle type, nipple flow, and binkie types. He will not take anything! As for rice cereal, he would not eat it if it was mixed with water, apple juice, or HAD to mixed with breast milk and then he gobbled it right down. Geesh, how picky can a 4 month old be?! I am not sure what this points to in his future. However, yesterday we mixed the cereal with sweet potatoes. Yes, we have a winner!! He loves sweet potatoes and we will be trying pears in a few days. Alas, we still have the 4am wakings. Some day...

Jesse gobbling down his sweet potatoes

Anna and Asher with their playdough creations. And yes, they did this by themselves!! The next time however, we got elephants with bird wings and a giraffe tail.
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  1. Sweet potatoes are a good way to start, but is he going to be picky? I am sure with those dimples it is ok if he is picky.