Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Yellow Jackets

Asher is finally old enough to start playing sports-YEY-and is playing on a soccer team that named themselves the Yellow Jackets (the jersey color will tell you why). Joel is so excited to have a kid in sports that he volunteered to be the coach. He is doing a great job. 4 year olds playing soccer are adorable-it is like a little bee hive following the ball around. Well, Asher might just be the stray bee because he is usually off in la-la land or break dancing on the field. Last week was our 1st game and Asher had a really hard time. He fell on the ground and cried whenever another kid took the ball from him or blocked him. He didn't understand why everyone wanted "his" ball. We spent the whole week teaching him about not giving up, cheering on his buddies, and having fun. He must of soaked up something because he did so much better today. He had SO much fun even though he still wasn't entirely into the game. He doesn't really watch the ball or try to get it-he just runs around happy doing his own thing, dancing all over, and when the ball happens to come to him-BONUS! One time it was at his feet and all the kids were kind of waiting for him to do something and he didn't even see the ball. He finally saw it, had the look on his face like it was Christmas morning, and almost scored a goal. He was so proud. We just hope he continues to have fun (and we would like him to stay on his feet too!). Asher asked Joel today if he could still call him Dad even though he was "coach"-it was cute. We hope Joel continues to have fun too! Anna is the official mascot (and even gets to wear a yellow jersey). She is great at cheering for all the boys and giving them high fives. And when they break, she runs on with her ball to get some playing time in.

Go Yellow Jackets!

The boys getting direction on which goal to run too.

Woo Hoo-Asher got the ball!! This picture makes him look like a pro.

Anna scoring a goal!

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  1. I couldn't see the pictures but I bet Asher is absolutely adorable playing soccer. And we will try not to the take the Fall weather for granted but I do wish you guys were here to go apple picking with! We miss you!