Monday, February 9, 2009

The Duncan's in Hawaii

Our friends from MA, Avin and Kathy Duncan, arrived last week to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary in Hawaii.  We have been doing our best to show them all the best sites and help them enjoy this paradise to the fullest.  The kids have been having a blast with them and it has been awesome having the reminder of how beautiful this place really is.  I know that sounds silly but it is easy to start taking your surroundings for granted.  Experiencing it again with Avin and Kathy has given me the awe back all over again.  God's creation is amazing.  The sites here just bring me my knees in awe of Him and His beauty.  Whenever I worship the Lord, Hawaii's beauty and the peace its surroundings give me will forever be what I see. 

Avin in awe of the waves on the North Shore.  We were able to picnic with some sea turtles, see "Lost" sites, watch surfers on the big waves, and feel bad for Kathy when a wave knocked her into a rock and she broke a toe and got scraped up.  Anybody else want to trust me as a tour guide?

Jesse, our beach bum.  Boy is it tough being a baby in Hawaii.

Here we are with Avin and Kathy on top of the Atlantis Submarine.  We went 90 feet underwater and enjoyed a 45 minute excursion exploring some reefs.

One of 100 pictures we took from the submarine.  Why is it that pictures never quite capture the beauty?

Kathy and Mary at a waterfall at the end of a mile long hike.


  1. I'm glad you guys are having so much fun. It's funny to see Avin and Kathy on your blog and not at Mount Hope this week! And I was looking at the picture of all of you on the boat and I knew you were missing someone...did Jesse do some scuba diving during the picture? I couldn't find him!

  2. I am so glad Avin and Kathy are able to visit you guys, I am sure you know some of the best places and it is the best way to experience Hawaii with people who have been there for a little. I look forward to hearing more stories when they return!!

  3. Getting lots of tour guide practice???

  4. Awww! Give Avin & Kathy big hugs for us! We're going to be at Mt Hope this weekend, but guess we won't get to see them.

  5. You are so right Mary. Hawaii will be with you forever. It still amazes me that I miss it so much and how many times something makes me think, "In Hawaii, we...". I am so sad that we didn't take more advantage of the wonderful oportunities there. Keep up the good work exploring and guiding. And keep the pix coming I love remembering it all and seeing some it for the first time through your eyes.

  6. Since you had so much fun with the Duncan's we are sending the Picariello's your way. Can we go next?