Monday, February 23, 2009

When did Asher grow up?

Asher decided last night that he wanted to take his training wheels off.  Joel was ready to run next to him and I was getting the band aids ready.  Joel helped him get on and then Asher left him in the dust.  It wasn't at all like we imagined it to be.  He is so excited and proud of himself.  I got a few tears in my eyes thinking that this is our first born riding a two wheeler.  Where did that baby go?  This morning he scarfed down his breakfast, speed dressed, and was out riding his bike by 7:30 am.  and that was all he did all day.  I do have to run out there every so often and help him get started, but he zooms around on it like he has been doing it for weeks.


  1. He looks so grown up in that picture too. Wow!

  2. That is exactly how Connor and Camden did it. Rick was ready to do the whole running next to the kid thing holding the bike but no. Once they took of they just took off. Great job Asher! Camden was always excited because he could go much faster on two wheels.

  3. Way to go Asher! Grandpa is proud of you!