Sunday, February 15, 2009

Growing Up in Hawaii

Joel and Asher learned how to throw a spear at the Polynesian Cultural Center last week, which is the a great place to learn about Hawaii's history.  

The view from my favorite hike in Hawaii, Makapu'u.  There is a lighthouse at the top as well.  You know me and lighthouses.

Jesse enjoying the sand and breeze at our favorite beach.

Anna and Joel building in the sand.

Jesse getting an early start on boogie boarding.

A view we see almost every day and can take for granted.  The waterfalls coming down are a treat in that it only happens after heavy rains.

I really just wanted to share some of these photos and moments.  As I said in my last blog, site seeing with our friends from MA has renewed our appreciation for our time in Hawaii and the things we get to experience.  God is so good.  We only hope our kids will remember some token of it.  Well, I guess Jesse won't but he can always say that he was born in Hawaii!


  1. Keep the pics coming Mary. I love remembering how beautiful it is there. I also love seeing how beautiful your family is. You guy are truely blessed and we are blessed that God let us be a part of your lives.
    Take care and give our love to Joel and the kids.

  2. Again, those pictures are amazing. What a beautiful place. You all are looking so tan.