Friday, September 18, 2009

What's for Dinner?

Crayons are for dinner!! Well there are according to Anna. The kids were "supposed" to be sitting at the table eating their supper while I chatted with Joel on the computer. A fight broke out at the table and I hear Anna saying "sorry Asher" over and over again. When I went to find out what was happening Asher tells me that Anna made him eat a crayon, and I see spit out orange crayon on the floor. I know many will ask why would Anna do that? Strangely enough that isn't the part that bothers me...that is the Anna I deal with everyday (and now I have a mental picture of her making another kid eat dirt on the playground..AAHH), but what bothers me is why in the world did Asher do it?! He is bigger then her and could easily have said no or at least called for me. What in the world?!

We are now officially 3 months away from daddy coming home. We have survived 7 weeks, 1/3 of the way through. We have certainly had some bad days. To be honest, I have had some breakdowns. The verse of the week for me to cling to "Let the peace of Christ rule in your heart" (Col 3:15). Our God is God of peace, not chaos, and even with the mess around me, screaming, fights, and constant demands, I can find peace and rest in Him alone. A neighbor gave me that verse as I was walking home late from bible study one evening with Anna screaming at me while Asher drenched himself with a hose as I was dealing with her just because "I wanted to get wet Mommy". Peace and rest dear Lord please!

On a fun note, the United States Air Force Thunderbirds (special F-16 flying team that does amazing tricks) are in town for an air show tomorrow. One of the perks of living on base is we got to watch them fly in and then do their practice show today from our backyard. We do however plan on facing the crowds and attending the airshow tomorrow so hopefully I will get some really cool pictures. The kids loved watching them today and have been playing "thunderbirds" all afternoon...even Jesse bear has been running around flying his toy plane making the cutest little noises.


  1. Mary I have breakdowns when my husband is out of town for the day! The evenings, homework, baths, dinner all on my own! Ugh! Last week I was having a hard time with the kids and dogsitting and in the midst of worrying about the dog in the van I didn't wait for the garage door to go all the way up and hit it. Then as I was mowing the grass I looked down at my cell to check the time to make sure I wasn't late picking Evan up and ran over a rope that got caught in the blades. So kudos to you on 3 months! Praying for you.