Monday, September 7, 2009

Wild at Heart

I have been reading this book "Wild at Heart" which is about the spirit that God gave boys and how society tries to stifle it. It has certainly convicted me about what I let Asher do and how I see my husband. Joel encouraged me to read it saying that I would understand his desire to be deployed once I did. OK, so I understand but it sill mystifies me! Boys have a heart for adventure, exploring, and battle designed after God's own image. It just so happens that Asher asked me if he could play in the mud while I was in the middle of the book. My skin crawled with the idea of cleaning up the mess but knew how freeing it would be for him and FUN! I remember those days at a kid. Why is it so hard for us moms to let go and let boys be boys? Get dirty, explore, and enjoy Asher! Oh, and be ready for the cold water hose when you are done because you are not coming in the house like that!

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  1. Mary, This is so encouraging. I will have to read that book. I have always struggled with letting Austin "be a boy". And now I have David, too.