Friday, September 25, 2009

Hickam Air Show

Here we are this past weekend at the Hickam Air Show. It was a hot hot hot day but one well worth battling the heat. The kids were in heaven being able to get super close to planes, looking inside the areas where bombs are held, sitting in the cockpit pretending to fly, and witnessing the demonstration of the Air Force Thunderbirds. All Asher has talked about this past week are the Thunderbirds.

Anna flying a huge helicopter (I guess it would help if I knew all the REAL names but that would require Daddy).

Jesse and me getting ready to watch the Thunderbirds. Don't we look cute sporting our Boston roots?!

Here are 2 of the Thunderbirds. I wanted to post this picture so you can see how low they fly-right in front of the crowds-and the amazing tricks they do...barrel rows in formation, straight up and down dives, flying upside down under one another. In this demonstration, they turn at the last minute to skim right by each other.

Anna and Asher heading towards a C-5 (yes I know the name of one of the planes!). The is the largest plane in the Air Force able to carry multiple types of any military vehicle (including tanks and helicopters!). How cool is that?!

The Thunderbirds flying over our heads as we watched from our backyard.

Asher is now attached to his Thunderbird toy plane. As he watched, he had his plane do all the maneuvers.

Jesse was even enthralled with the planes and would not stop saying "WOW" and pointing at them. He follows Asher around with his toy plane, flying one of his own.

Daddy, again, we wish you were there (at least to tell us all the names of the planes!).

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  1. Look at you...brave supermom, taking all those kiddos to see the planes. I'm glad you and the kids had so much fun!