Saturday, October 3, 2009

Friday Night Lights

Asher had his first football game last night. His team is the Cowboys and every Wednesday the parents get to make a banner for them to run cute! The boys loved it. Asher still isn't the best athlete in the world but he is having fun, and we can see that he has made progress because he isn't on the ground crying or breakdancing this time (so far at least). It was so fun being out there on a Friday night cheering on the kids (we could almost pretend is was cold) was very reminiscent of high school football days.

The banner just before the kids ran through.

Warming up before the game. Asher is on the right.

Asher getting some defense advice from his coach.

Anna, the best cheerleader of the night!

Jesse is ready to join the team. I think I may have only gotten to watch about 3 plays of the game because I was chasing this little man the entire time. He ran off with the end zone markers, kept running on the field, climbing the was exhausting! I think he may have a babysitter next Friday, or a leash :).

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