Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I found my joy again. As my blogs have probably revealed, it has been lost for awhile. Probably has been lost since Joel left 12 weeks ago. I have truly been struggling with anger and resentment for being left alone, and sadly have taken it out on the kids. My weekend away with God was amazing, refreshing, rest for the soul, and convicting. The Lord showed me that since Joel's deployment I had been trying to live my life as a woman without kids. It always seemed they were in the way. "I have to get a sitter for this and miss out on that and pour myself out every day". Yes, much resentment. God opened my eyes to it and told me to let it go and embrace motherhood and my kids again. I only hope it isn't too late! I feel my eyes have been opened up again to my 3 beautiful blessings and I pray to keep this eyesight.

Today Blessing #2, our little Anna Rosie, turned 4. She has been counting down to this day for about 6 months! She didn't go to sleep until 9:30 last night because she was beside herself with excitement. We had a wonderful day together and a great evening birthday party. The smile never left her face today. She got everything she asked for...a jump house, face painting, a butterfly cake, and friends to share in the occasion. I was blessed with neighborhood women descending upon the party to help set up, cook, and clean up when all was done. But before you see pictures of the party, I wanted to start with a reflection of our beautiful "caterpillar". Where does the time go? I certainly don't want to resent these moments and miss them as they fly by. May joy continue to overflow through my children into our lives.

Anna or "anna-naut" as we called her in her oxygen bubble during the first week of her life.

6 months old

Just after her 1st birthday.

2 years old.

My 4 year old beauty.

Face painting at the party.

Anna's butterfly cake. Yes, I made it (and am awful proud. This is the 1st cake I have ever made for one of our kid's birthdays).

The princess and her castle. She literally jumped in her ALL day. I spent about 10 minutes jumping with her and felt like I had run a marathon.

Happy Birthday Anna! Thank you for all the joy you bring to my life.


  1. Wow, looks like you had a lot of fun! The cake is BEAUTIFUL Mary! You did a great job. I have been praying for you and will continue to do so! I was sitting next to mom and dad when they talked on the phone yesterday but I did not get a chance to talk. I can't believe that Anna is 4 already...

  2. Loved you post Mary. Your words convicted me! :) Happy Birthday Anna! You did awesome on the cake. I also made J's birthday cake myself this year and it turned out ok (I forgot the nose...it was Dora), but she loved it and it will be a special memory! I know you are busy but email me sometime!

  3. Happy Birthday, Anna! May you continue to grow into a wonderful woman of God. I remember visiting you in that oxygen bubble thing.

    And, Mary, I can empathsize.

  4. The cake looked great, and happy birthday Anna!! I am happy to hear about your joy, and am glad God is leading you through this journey.

  5. Happy Birthday little Miss Anna! I remember you as the girl in the haystacks!!! I can't believe how much you have grown! You are beautiful...you must get that from your mama!!!