Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Graduation day. After 18 months of late late nights and hard work, Joel did it! He received his Master's in electrical engineering. I am not sure he thought this day would ever come...our whole reason for moving on a whirlwind tour to Dayton, OH. Graduation was amazing. It was in the Air Force Museum so the stage and audience were surrounded by World War II history and planes.

Joel parent's came for the ceremony. Leslie prided herself of cheering the louder than anyone. She did do a pretty good job! and bless their hearts-they were amazing for the 5 days they were with us...sleeping in temporary lodging with us, watching kids at the drop of a hat as we had ER visits, house cleaning and walk through, car weighing, goodbye dinners, and a date! Thank you Larry and Leslie!!

and we all couldn't be prouder of Joel!

Graduation then brought us to the big move to Ashburn, VA . The kids survived the drive and hotel stay much better than we thought they would! As the boxes rolled in and the stress level rose, I found myself wondering how in the world we keep doing this. This is move #7 for us! I keep thinking it gets easier but it really doesn't. God just gives us a new perspective. We are in love with our new house and neighborhood. Kids are everywhere, neighbors are amazing, it truly is a community that so far has welcomed us with open arms and smiles. As soon as the house looks as nice on the inside as it does on the outside, I will post some pictures.

Anna and Asher are ecstatic about riding the school bus. It is literally a 5 minute ride with only 3 stops on the whole route (they are stop #2). Our neighbor's daughter has taken them under her wing and sits with them and walks home with them. The bus driver knows them by name and welcomed us to the neighborhood. They are loving their new school and Joel and I have been amazed by it as well. Again, everyone knew our names and made the kids feel right at home. I peeked in on Asher at lunch who already has a pack of boys he runs with and he looked so happy.

Joel and I keep joking that we live in Mayberry. Seriously we walk outside and get a "Howdy neighbor" from at least one person. Even the mailman (Gus) left us a welcome note in our mailbox. The kids roam the alley and sidewalks freely playing games of basketball and baseball. The girls next door (in this picture) keep coming over to play with our kids in the back yard and are babysitting age (smiles from me). They even set up a lemonade stand with our kids today while Joel and I worked in the yard! It is everything we prayed for and more. We are so moved by God's goodness and know that he also has a church home just waiting for us as well.


  1. > This is move #7 for us! I keep thinking
    > it gets easier but it really doesn't.


    Joel grew up in a family that moved almost as much and, I think, he turned out alright. Your kids are experiencing things that I didn't get to till I was an adult and maybe haven't yet. It is probably worth the effort.