Saturday, April 7, 2012


Since the kids are on spring break and Joel is on leave, we escaped the boxes for the day and headed into Washington D.C. for the day. Asher and Anna have been so excited to see the White House and it was a perfect diversion from the mess at home. The poor kids have been ignored a lot while we unpack so it was very nice to have a family day with no time pressure on when we had to be back. The were very disappointed that they couldn't go knock on the White House door and meet Barack. I mean why wouldn't he answer his door if he lives there?

We spent most of our time there walking the mall area and educating the kids on our country and the history. To our surprise, Asher knew more than we did! He loved filling us in on lots of the details.

We were super glad we weren't looking for Poppy's name on the Vietnam Memorial Wall. Such a sobering sight.

Asher wants to know if he can be called "Honest Ash". We said we hope he is known as that of course!

Our little explorers for the day. We all had a blast!


  1. Does Asher have a Cowboys jersey on? Seriously, Mary.... :) Sounds like a great day.

  2. Does Asher have a Cowboys' jersey on? Seriously, Mary... Sounds like a great day!