Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Blessings

Easter was truly a time of thankfulness for us...praise for Christ Jesus who defeated death and for the resurrection power that lives in us each day. It is that power that enables me to face each day of uncertainty in a new place. It is hard to be "church hunting" on Easter Sunday but out we went even so. We enjoyed a wonderful church with lots of potential that we are definitely going to check out again. We know God has a church home already waiting for us and we can't wait to find it!

Easter weekend is usually filled with lots of traditions for us, fun traditions and traditions that point to Jesus. However this year I am ashamed to say that many of those traditions fell by the wayside. I didn't even send out my usual Easter cards this year! We were able to still enjoy each other and do some fun activities.

Dying Easter eggs is a must. The kids wouldn't let me forget that one!

Thank you to my wonderful husband who took charge of this activity while I got my many marathon training miles in.

A new tradition this year: planting magic jelly beans. Asher was smart enough to see the "Starburst" symbol on the jelly beans so if you decide to do this...get generic ones! However he still chooses to believe in the magic of it all.

And in the morning we found giant lollipops had grown! Anna saw them out the window and came running into our room to excitedly get us out of bed.

Josie didn't have too much fun planting the jelly beans (she wanted to eat them), but she liked the lollipop!

The biggest blessing of Easter was still having family to celebrate with. Joel's Aunt Priscilla and Uncle Pat live an hour away and had us over for a lovely Easter dinner and Joel's cousin Alison did a marvelous color coded egg hunt for the kids.

Josie loved playing with the eggs.

Jesse was exhausted after a fun filled day of celebrating!

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