Tuesday, June 3, 2008


We did some exploring of the island this weekend with Caleb and Amanda. We drove around the edge of the island, stopped at some lookouts, saw some amazing sights, and did a little beach break shown below. I had heard a rumor of a beach where all the "Lost" beach scenes are filmed and we just happened to find it...woo hoo!!!

The Lost camp!! There was actually a guard standing post to stop us obsessed fans from exploring any further.

Mr. Eko's church

Caleb just had to go swimming at this beach to say that he swam at the "Lost" beach. Along this beach we saw a ton of giant sea turtles swimming and lounging on the sand...so during this exciting swim, a turtle happened to brush against Caleb. I have never seen someone run out of the water so fast!! Once we returned home, we internet searched the beach and saw some footage of the TV show compared against photos of the beach and it is definitely where they do all there beach filming. The only thing that would have made it more exciting was actually seeing them filming!

A family photo during our hike to a waterfall. Well, a family photo minus me, the photographer.
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  1. You all look like you are having sooo much fun. I'm happy you are together!