Sunday, June 8, 2008

Who's Who?

We were looking through Asher's and Anna's baby pictures to see who Jesse looked more like. Here are pictures of Jesse and Anna at the same age...pretty neat, huh?! Guess Asher will be the one who doesn't look like the rest but once we saw his blonde hair and blue eyes we figured it would be that way.
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  1. That is so funny how much alike Anna and Jesse look! I am starting to hear that Rachel is looking like Daniel, but Daniel looks a lot like Kevin, I guess time will tell! I am sure their personalities are different though.

  2. It's uncanny! You can only tell Anna because of the pink and purple but I do think that the last picture looks like Asher. So cute!

  3. You better mark those pictures well because someday you will be old like me and won't have a clue whos who.