Thursday, June 19, 2008

Holy Centipede Batman

So I blogged about these terrible creatures previously but we really haven't had much experience with them (thankfully!). That all changed last night. I was upstairs preparing for a stamping workshop while Joel was downstairs playing Xbox with Jesse kicking on the floor next to him watching the ceiling fan. Then a centipede darted across the living room floor and under the entertainment center. Joel was in shock. He put Jesse in the swing (off the floor!) and fished the thing out with his super long grill tongs. He kept a death grip on it while transfering it outside and cut it in half with a pair of garden sheers. However, half of the supposedly dead centipede scurried away into the night!!! He debated on whether or not to tell me because he could just imagine me standing on the couch screaming during the whole episode (and I would have been along with Asher who is terrified of ANY bug for some reason)...but he did. I had a little trouble sleeping last night at the thought of "Attack of the Centipedes" occuring in my house. But the housing office is getting a nice call from me this morning and someone better be on their PRONTO to spray!

Here are the pics from my last blog that didn't post for some reason. Enjoy!

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  1. Every time I am amazed how beautiful the scenery is over there. Nice smile Jesse!

  2. Your kids are getting so big! Miss seeing everyone. Hugs.

  3. What a huge smile! Such a beautiful little boy! Makes the fatigue easier to handle when they are so cute, huh?