Monday, June 23, 2008

A month for "firsts"

Along with adjusting to a new baby brother, Anna and Asher have been experiencing some new things. Asher started taking swim lessons last week and Anna had her first dentist appointment.

Here Asher is perfecting his float. He loves swimming and we are dumbfounded at how he has taken to the water. He will even dive down for little toys in the 3 and 4 foot water. I guess it helps when you live in Hawaii and can go swimming all the time.

He is even going off the diving board! He didn't even hesitate the first time he went up there. Now when we take him to the pool, it is all he wants to do.

Anna was so brave at the dentist! I thought I would have to hold her down or bribe her somehow, but she was so great. Asher went before her to show her how it was done (he wasn't so brave, but it was enough to encourage her that she could survive). She was showing off her super clean teeth the rest of the day.
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  1. Mary, I can't wait each week to see what you put on the blog. Mom and I are counting down the days until we get to be with all of you and we are praying that you won't get too sick of us while we are there.

  2. Wow, your kids are growing up fast. I was just mentioning to Kevin that Asher looked so tall. And Anna being good during the dentist appointment was great.