Sunday, June 8, 2008

More Island Fun

We are having a great time with Caleb and Amanda...the kids are LOVING their Aunt and Uncle. Amanda and I even got to go shopping without any kids over 6 weeks while Uncle Caleb held down the fort. It was WONDERFUL!! And tonight Joel and I are going on a date...WOO HOO!!!

Here we are on our way to the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. Finally, a picture with all of us in it! This is definitely a must do on the island, but a very sobering experience.

Caleb and Amanda at the top of the Makapu Lighthouse hike. This is our favorite hike for views of the island.

Auntie Amanda and Jesse at the beach. I don't even think Jesse once opened his eyes and realized he wasn't in the car. He just enjoyed the sound of the waves, a gentle breeze, and the shade of the tree.

And I wanted to finish with a recent picture of Jesse so everyone would know what he looks like now. He had a little cold this past week that made sight seeing and sleep at night a little difficult, but we all survived. However Caleb and Amanda now BOTH have a nasty cold thanks to fun for a tropical vacation.
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  1. I sure enjoy following your blog... and seeing all the photos.
    I get "LOST" on satellite TV here in Africa.
    Aunt Carolyn

  2. I am glad you got some shopping time, find anymore bags out there :-)

    Again, those pictures are great, and Jesse is such a trooper, I still don't know who he looks like.

  3. How fun are you guys?? Lots of hugs.