Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas is in the Air

What a great time of year!!  We have recovered from the marathon (Joel still hates me) and we have had so much fun preparing to celebrate Jesus's birthday.  Anna and Asher, now obsessed with birthdays, are super excited for this one with an understanding of what Christmas is really about.  I do think we might have a hard time getting them to sleep on Christmas eve.  It has been a busy month with decorating, parties, cookie swaps, and admiring the lights in the neighborhood.  This past weekend we even took a boat cruise from the Navy Base to see all the military ships and subs decorated with lights.  Tomorrow we are going to see a play about Christmas in Hawaii during which, so we hear, it actually snows on the audience.  So that is how desparate we are to see snow!!!  On Saturday I asked Asher "What do you want to do today?" and he says "build a snowman".  He just doesn't understand why we don't have snow here.  Even still, we are really enjoying the season and can't wait to see their faces on Christmas morning as we embark on starting some of our own traditions as we are away from family for our first Christmas ever.  We hope this Christmas is a special one for you, with new memories, and celebrating the greatest gift of Jesus Christ.

The dishwasher has been run a lot with all the baking we have been is one of Jesse's favorite places to play.

I love baking cookies with the kids.  We love eating them too!  The kitchen was a mess of flour and icing but it was well worth it.

This is Asher singing his heart out at his preschool's Christmas program.  I just have to say that during this program, Joel leans over and says to me "Did you fix Asher's hair today?".  Yes, I fixed it!  I cut his hair as soon as we got home.

Here is Anna singing "the Little Bell' song during her class's part in the preschool program.  The girl next to her is her best buddy at school, Emmie.  Anna loves school and was great in the show.  Her teacher tells us we have a little actress on our hands.  I have already realized that since she practices making different faces in the mirror while I do her hair in the mornings...scared, surprised, mad...she does them all.  It is quite comical.


  1. Asher is really the surfer dude :-) Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!