Saturday, December 27, 2008

Mele Kalikimaka

Christmas is so much more fun once you add kids into the picture!  We had such a great time this year.  I was as bad as the kids, hardly getting any sleep on Christmas Eve because I was so excited.  We had some friends over on Christmas Eve for dinner and then enjoyed chocolate fondue together-a tradition that we decided to start last year.  One of the dipping items was an angel food cake which the kids helped me make-it was a birthday cake for Jesus.  We sang Happy Birthday and blew out some candles before we enjoyed the cake along with bananas, strawberries, and marshmellows.  Asher was very concerned about how old Jesus was...why do they always ask the hard questions!  

Asher and Anna made this card to leave for Santa along with milk and cookies.  It was too adorable!  They were so excited to find crumbs and a thank note from Santa.

Here is Asher after he found his stocking...Thorson tradition is you have to find your stocking on Christmas morning.  It is a fun tradition that keeps the kids busy while we get breakfast (and coffee) going.  For some reason, I am always the last to find mine?!

Jesse's favorite part was the wrapping paper of course.  He mainly liked eating it and would get upset when we actually upwrapped the paper.  He got some great toys that he is enjoying now though.

Asher and Anna were a ton of fun.  They were so patient and excited to see others opening their presents.  Asher got a pirate ship, castle, and a remote control race car that actually drives on the walls.  Anna got a new bike, dress up clothes, and a princess castle tent.  She put her clothes on and disappeared inside her castle right away.  We didn't see her for almost an hour!

This is Anna dancing in some of her dress up clothes.

They had such a great Christmas.  The best one so far in my book.  We loved everything.  I only wish we had more family and friends to spend it with!  We love you guys.  Thank you for all the well wishes, cards, a gifts.  


  1. I love the tradition of finding your stocking. that is a great idea. looks like the kids had a great time. kaeden's favorite part was climbing onto the presents. she would get upset if we took her off to open them. why do we even buy them presents at that age?! Have a great new years!

  2. It looks like the kids enjoyed everything! I like the chocolate fondue tradition.