Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Princess Anna

Have you ever seen anything so girlie in your life?!  She rode her bike all the way to the grocery store like this.  I can not get her to take her new dress up clothes off and have chosen not to fight it.  This ballerina outfit is her new favorite and she puts it on the second she wakes up, insists on wearing a bib at all meals so she doesn't get it dirty, and cries at bath time because she has to take it off.  She always has accessories on as well.  She even wore this to the dentist yesterday.  It gets her lots of giggles and smiles which she of course LOVES!


  1. Do all little girls eventually do that? Rachel is still pretty content with Daniel's cars...but she has her own dolls to love.

  2. Anna is just too cute! Karsen has her days where she wants to be the pretty pretty princess but usually whatever Camden is doing is what she wants to be doing! Hope you guys have a great new years!