Monday, December 1, 2008

Holiday Season

Here we are enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. Joel deep fried an absolutely fabulous turkey and we had a great day together watching the parade, football, cooking, and eating dessert with friends. Joel also laid out his game plan for Black Friday. Yes, Joel is a Black Friday freak and goes regardless of whether he wants something or not. He loves it. He got up a 3:30 am and hit 4 stores, and still came home smiling.

We also put up our tree of Thanksgiving day. I love putting up Christmas decorations and the kids had fun helping us. It was especially nice since we missed decorating last year due to our move and it helps it feel more wintery here in the tropics. However, I couldn't help moving a few ornaments around when they weren't looking. I know, I am terrible!

Holiday time here in Hawaii is also the major surfing season and all the big competitions are held. The weather was calling for 18-20 foot waves on weekend after Thanksgiving so we headed down to the North Shore to see a competition and the waves that only the serious surfers attempt. It was amazing to watch. The waves are a little ways out so they don't look as big until you see how tiny the surfers look in comparison. We saw some major wipe outs, amazing surfing, and kite surfers fly 40 feet into the air. It was also a very cold and rainy day...OK about 68 degrees and yes I was cold! I guess I have acclimated. Anyways, we were not dressed appropriately and got caught in a downpour so here we are taking cover under a tree freezing together.

and here are the kids posing with some friends in front of the rough ocean. I only wish the picture could capture it but the waves don't look near as impressive here. I guess you will just have to take my word for it.

And wait a second...isn't it a little too early for this man to be doing this?!?! Jesse is now 7 months old, has been army crawling for 2 months, has had 4 teeth come in in 2 days, and is now pulling up on whatever he can. The other 2 didn't start this until around 9 months. I guess this is what he has to do to keep up with his brother and sister.


  1. Look at Jesse all over the place! But he still has that amazing smile. I am glad you guys had a good Thanksgiving!

  2. Fabulous pictures!! I'm so glad you aren't in a hotel room this year :) Can you believe you've been in Hawaii for a year now?