Friday, July 25, 2008

All About Me

Yes, this blog will be about me and not the kids. I started exercising again this week...woo hoo!!! It feels so great to run again and Joel has been wonderful about putting the kids to bed so I can go run in the evenings. Even just 1 one run can make me feel like a new person, but as I am struggling to run 20 minutes I remember how just a year ago I ran a marathon. and in 1 year I have gone from being the smallest I ever been in my life to the biggest I have ever been in my life. It is amazing what kids can do to the female body!! But even with those frustrations I know that with hard work I can get there again. I did it after Anna and I can do it after Jesse...I just wish the transformation was over night! However I do feel some insecurities in that I struggle to find clothes that I feel look good on me and am struggling to define myself in the craziness of 3 kids, a stange place, and new friends.

So with that explaination-I went shopping with some girl friends last night....3 women who are friends but I am still not entirely comfortable with. I am still trying to find my fit here. Anyways, I was buying some clothes at "The Children's Place" and the lady at the counter says "Did you get that headband here?". I just kind of stared at her and said "no" not really understanding. Then upon leaving the store I saw the exact headband I was wearing in about 50 different colors. Talk about a confidence crusher. Do I dress way too young for my age??? I mean I was in THE CHILDREN'S PLACE and I am 29 years old! It made me question everything I was wearing, right down to my matching flip flops. I was kind of embarrassed and the ladies I was with joked about it the rest of the night. Will I ever wear that headband again?


  1. You can wear whatever you want! If you like the headband wear it....people can just shut up!