Wednesday, July 23, 2008


This week I have been trying to establish some sort of normalcy for my days home with the kids. Joel and I just realized that all the family visits have prolonged us from discovering what life with 3 kids is really like. IT IS NUTS! I actually managed to get 2 errands done today and drink a cup of coffee (without wearing it). I feel so acomplished. Asher and Anna have been so good at working with me as we trudge through the days. Joel and I have established date days with them so they can get some positive one on one time. They each get one date a month with one parent. Joel and Asher had a date last weekend and Anna and I go out this weekend..then next month we switch. This is our second month doing it and the kids aboslutely LOVE it. They can't wait for their dates, and actually Joel and I love it too. and speaking of dates, Joel and I got to go on one for our 7th anniversary. We had a wonderful lesuirely dinner at a beautiful restaurant in the mountains where we got to eat our food when it was hot and take out time without children crawling everywhere. We have been so blessed in 7 years. Here are some good pictures of the lovely blessings.

A Kodak moment

Asher loving on Jesse. Jesse gets smothered to death by both of them but he never seems to mind.

Anna's big boo-boo. She face planted on the cement after slipping on some tree nuts. She was miserable and somehow this bandaid helped.
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  1. Wow, you have three kids now, that is amazing...and they are all growing so fast.

  2. LOVE the first picture!!

    Great idea about the dates. We'll have to copy you :)

    I took Hannah shopping today for "supplies" for her birthday party. I kept telling her that it was for a special project that I'm doing. I don't want her knowing she is having a birthday party because I know she'll keep asking me about it! AND when she asked me (over and over and over) when baby Levi was coming I would always say "after your Happy Birthday." It's going to be a long month of August. I know she will ask me about Levi coming at least three times a day!!