Sunday, July 13, 2008

Night Swimming

On Sunday night, Joel and I were able to go on a date while Auntie Mara, Grandma and Grandpa held down the fort with the kids. We went night snorkeling at a place called Hanauma Bay. It was so amazing and romantic, with a little bit freaky. We held hands as we navigated through the darkness with one underwater light seeing sea critters you don't normally see during the daytime. Then I banged my knee on some coral and was ready to be done for fear of the sharks coming after my blood seeping into the water! Just the idea of it being right next to me without me seeing it until I put a light on it made me panic a little. But we felt like newlyweds on our honeymoon. The moon was so bright casting a beautiful light on the water, tiki torches were lit on the beach, and the breeze and water were so warm. As we walked to our car taking one last look at this view, we praised God for a chance to live and experience this paradise in a way we know many never do. I want to not take my days here for granted.

However as we did leave, I also wondered if living this life was worth what we gave up in leaving Massachusetts. I know it is only torture to ask those questions now but MA is still home in my heart. It is hard for me to still accept that we are not there anymore and life there moves on without us. We have been trying some new churches out recently because we weren't happy at the place we had settled on and this past Sunday it hit me like a ton of bricks...I don't want to like any church because it would be accepting I am no longer at Mount Hope in Burlington, MA and we may never go back. As blessed as we are in Hawaii, we were also blessed with our church, friends, and life in MA. Dear friends, we feel our lives were so intricately woven with yours due the the experiences we went through together and we miss you all more than anything. As much as we loved night snorkeling, please know Hawaii can never replace you. I am praying everyday that God will help me accept His will in this journey with open arms.
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  1. You're making me cry. I miss you, too! Lots of hugs!

  2. Hi Mary & Joel,

    I can't believe how big Asher and Anna are! Glad you're enjoying this season of your life! We think about you guys a lot!

    Becky (and Mike) Andrejczyk

  3. I am glad you can enjoy Hawaii and it is an important journey that you are taking with your family as you learn to enjoy where you are at. Through our conversations I have already seen a lot of growth as you guys are trusting God, and that is so encouraging for us to see. We do love and miss you!