Friday, July 18, 2008

Life with Jesse

Wow, with 3 kids it is getting hard to feature them each in every blog so this blog is going to be all about Jesse. Midweek I will post some updates on Asher and Anna. I have always heard that the 3rd baby is the angel baby and was completely expecting that with Jesse. Well, it hasn't been a walk in the park. He turned out to be quite fussy right around the 8 week point and people kept saying "that is when colic sets in". We couldn't even lay him on the floor on his back under an activity mat for more than 2 minutes without him screaming bloody murder. He was only happy being held. At night, we would rock him to sleep in our arms, lay him down, and he would scream for over an hour. He absolutely refuses a pacifier and a bottle. He has been fighting nursing and to top it off-closing in on 3 months, he still is waking every 2-3 hours at night. Needless to say, I have been EXHAUSTED!!! Then we had a checkup with the doctor and they prescribed him acid reflux medication. WOAH-we have a different baby now. PRAISE GOD!! It kills me that something was hurting him and he could not tell us, but he is so much happier now. He plays on the floor for hours! And 2 nights ago, he slept from 8pm to 4am. We are making progress. The only bad thing now is he HATES the car. What kind of cruel joke is it that God would give me 3 kids that hate the car! Yes, you must thing I am joking-all kids love the car and go to sleep right away in them. Let me introduce you to the Thorson babies!!

Jesse hugging his giraffe. Since he refuses a pacifier (gags it out), we have given up and are trying to force something else on him for comfort. He is taking to this nicely.

Tummy time.

Smiley Jesse takes after his Daddy. Do you see those dimples?! Asher and Anna do not have dimples like this. His smile lights up the room. and a giggle even escaped from him today for the first time.

Just chillin'.
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  1. What a beautiful little boy! I'm sorry to hear that things got so rough but thankful to hear that there is already a resolution--and one that is giving you some sleep!! Only 7.5 weeks until Levi's estimated arrival. Which means we have 5.5-9.5 weeks to go :) And three birthdays, an anniversary, a visit from Korea friends, and scrapbooking Benjamin's baby It will be gone before I know it!

    Wish I could come out and see you!!!! I'm DYING here!

  2. So glad the medicine helped little Jesse. Evan (#3) screamed and vomited for 9 months so I know the feeling. None of my cars liked the car either. Julianna still gets fussy in hers and she is almost 2.

    I enjoyed the other posting about the night swimming.

  3. Hmmmm...that giraffe looks awfully familiar!