Thursday, July 3, 2008

Welcoming more family

This week we have welcomed Joel's parents from Wiscousin and his sister from China. They are all here to visit for 2 weeks, so we have a crowded (but FUN) house and lots of adventures planned.

Asher and Anna greeting Grandma and Grandpa in the Hawaiian way.

They have only been here for 1 day but the first order of business was going to the beach! So here is Grandma enjoying the breeze with Jesse. Jesse loves being outside and is always happy on our adventures.

Auntie Mara readings with Asher and Anna. Both her and the grandparents arrived with plenty of gifts to go around! Auntie Mara brought many books translated both in Chinese and English and some fun oriental outfits. Anna loves her pretty pink dress which I haven't gotten a good picture of yet. Grandma always comes with books and Gap clothing...the kids are always so stylish once she arrives. The kids are learning that the first question to ask visitors is "Do you have any presents for me?". It is terrible! They were tearing open the suitcases as soon as they came off the conveyor belt.

Jesse in his Oriental outfit!

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  1. I am so glad your family is able to visit! Have fun!

  2. How fun to see so much of the Thorson fam!! Joel, please tell them all "hi" from all of us. Have lots of fun!!!